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Awesomeness Wizard


Date Posted08 Jul 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply13 Jul 14



  • Once on board, you are expected to live a life lot less ordinary. You will be paid to:
  • Go pub-hopping every other day
  • Meet and Befriend celebrities
  • Talk to local, national and international media
  • Be the most sought after person in TFS (with founders coming after you for your time)
  • Have that party mood on at all times
  • Spread smiles, and a bit of madness around
  • Find unique ideas to pamper our customers and make them brand ambassadors
  • Make your friends feel envious


YouWalk the fine line between amazing confidence and overconfidence.

  •       A treasure of conversation-starters, topped up with amazing interpersonal skills
  •       A grammar Nazi with impeccable command over English language
  •       Can speak at least three languages fluently (not necessary, but will be awesome if you do)
  •       Can summon your appetite for creativity and disruptive thinking at will
  •       Are not strictly a process-oriented person and can take command whenever the situation demands
  •       Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, blog, there’s no major network where you haven’t been. You love to share your thoughts, moods, methods, experiences, and stories
  •       Make ‘out of the box’ feel miserable for being creative in a babyish way 
  •       Travelling, reading, writing, music, sports, unique hobbies: You’ve been there done them
  •       People like you and will work with you, for you
  •       Are grinning right now, wondering if we will find a better candidate than you


You are young, raw, energetic, and only partially corrupted by the ways of the world. 
You can think big, picture grand things and make them come true. 
You aren’t just about intermittent pangs of creativity. Methodical madness is your thing. It is not merely in work, but also in life and living that you try to do newer things or do same things differently. 
You are a spontaneous person who doesn’t think of the glass as half empty or full, but carries his own bottle. 
You dream with open eyes and often hope for crazy things to come true. 
You’re liked by many people, and hated by some, who couldn’t be like you. Yet, you remain humble.


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Online Car Rental and Taxi is an aggregator of car rentals and taxis in India. They work with various taxi operators and enable them with technology to ensure that customers get an easily accessible, safe, reliable taxi ride ‘for sure’. They started operations in June 2011...
Founded: Jun 2011
Funding: (unknown)