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Brand Analyst


Date Posted17 Jan 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply20 Feb 14


About Brandlogist :

Brandlogist is a premium boutique consultancy into branding & digital media where we work with between 3-7 clients at a time- focus is on adding value. Most of our ideas, though based in the digital space yet are free flowing across consumer touch points to what they find relevant, interesting or fun. This could be OOH, Print, BTL or in fact people themselves- all of them tightly integrated via the digital space.

We started in January'12 & our clients include Aamby Valley City, Chi Kitchen, Bagit Today ,Zee TV, RC Cola, Sahara Star, Office and Blackberrys Menswear. Also,the Brandlogist philosophy on happiness: 


Founding team : As a team; we are an eclectic bunch including people from the digital, branding, luxury & mainline advertising fields. Our CEO was previously heading digital operations for Ogilvy Delhi & before that he was the branch head for Drizzlin Media, Delhi.


Our kind of work: Varied but, this will give you an idea: Spreading Chi - Valley City -


Details about work environment:

  • Flexible location: We believe in telecommuting so you dont need to come to office daily. Work from home, a coffee shop or in the middle of a park for all we care. As long as you are having fun, productive & remember our faces when we catchup.
  • Flexible timing: If you are expected to work on a Sunday, can't you hang out with your friends on a Wedneday afternoon? We believe you can & you should. Idea is to work together & figure out when & how we work best.
  • Young & Growing fast: Our avg age is 25 yrs, our company's age is 1 year and 9 months, yet we are growing fast. You should be able to keep speed with it.
  • Growth: Life is too short to have reviews every year, it's a 6 monthly review & incentives on every win.
  • No creative,servicing,planning,social media etc : Sorry,we don’t believe in divisions or bracketing people.We are based on a communication consultancy model , where we understand where your skillsets lie & see if that fit’s in what we are looking at.
  • And a visual depiction of Life @Brandlogist


Our kind of person:

  • Gift for words : Someone who has a gift for words-an ability to put things in an interesting,fun,creative way which helps create an impact for brands.We are not looking at someone who’s necessarily published writer material but whose grammar & command over the language is strong.
  • Branding & Understands Digital : Understands Branding,consumer behaviour  & is keen to explore how in this new digital age one can deliver marketing solutions which create an impact.
  • Experience level : 0-3 yr  (it’s more about what you bring to the table than experience)
  • Responsible,comfortable in a startup : We are extremely individual driven & would want somebody who has a capacity to take responsibility & comfortable working in an interesting,fun startup.
  • Creative & Disgruntled : Creatively inclined who is logical enough to understand a client’s brief. Someone who’s disgruntled ,we prefer people who are not happy with status quo.


Brandlogist Communications

(Category: Communication)
We are a brand-marketing consultancy oriented towards today age where consumers are steadily going digital. Brandlogist is.. A brand communication consultancy that specializes in the digital medium however we believe that communication does not exist in silos of mediums. It is free flowing from o...
Founded: Jan 2012
Funding: No Funding Info Yet.