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Business Analyst


Date Posted23 May 14
Job TypeInternship
Last Date to Apply31 May 14


Your primary role will be that of a business analyst working as part of a project team(s). During the course of a project, you will be expected to review, analyse and structure strategic documents as well as undertake primary and secondary research. This may sometimes involve the analysis of large amounts of raw data. You will also be expected to present, often complex findings, to senior members of the team. The business analyst role will also support project teams in the organisation of client workshops


Candidates must be able to demonstrate strong capability in each of the following areas:
 • Fluency in written and oral English is essential 
• A strong interest and enthusiasm for the field of strategy consulting
 • Top level data analysis and synthesis skills
 • High level of capability in Excel and Power Point
 • Excellent communication and presentation skills 
• Interpersonal empathy and the ability to work effectively in a team 
• Experience with time management and strict deadlines 
• The capacity to be flexible and to adapt to  changing demands and expectations



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