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Business Development Associate


Date Posted23 Feb 14
LocationBangalore India, Mumbai
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply07 Mar 14


If you like participating in B-plan contests, tweeting with  #startup, reading techcrunch everyday, attending every other startup meetup and other general posturing, then this ain't for you.

This is the real deal. This position is for people who understand the value of paying customers. This is hard 6-days-a-week tiring, running around, full time work at a fast growing start-up where you’ll jump off the cliff with us on day one and  you better be able to figure out how you are going to build your parachute (or jetplane) on the way down.

We are looking for someone who loves solving problems across domains and wants to learn the ropes at a fast growing startup and then hopefully go do his/her own startup.


What you’ll get:

The experience of a lifetime. You will be thrown into the deep end from day one. You will help share the founder's work load and by extension be doing the same quality of work. You will gain experience as a B2B salesman, data analyst, blogger, recruiter, IT support guy, hustler, public speaker and product strategist. We have grown our customer base from 0 to 50 paying customers in the past 8 months with our first product. We are looking for people who can help us get to the four digit mark and help support our future product line. You will also get to travel extensively across Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Most importantly, you will have the satisfaction of seeing thousands of children play and learn using cutting-edge tech products you help create.

When you do leave to start your own venture, you will also get our complete backing.

Time period of employment:

18-24 months (you can stay longer if you feel like). Then you go out do your own startup (and hopefully not give CAT).


Drop a mail to with "Business Development Associate" as the subject line, with the following details:

a) 500 words on why you are woman/man for the job

b) The last thing you sold to a stranger and how you did it

c ) Names of the last 3 books you have read

d) Your resume.


What we are looking for:

- Undergraduate degree

- Analytical Mindset

- Born after 1986

- Is good with children

- Very ambitious

- Someone who can lead a team

- Will definitely start his/her own company soon

- Preferably from a reputed college

You will also get points for:

1) Having sold anything (worth more than 5 digits and above) to anyone

2) Having lead a team  

3) Having run any kind of business (Participation in B-plan contests won't cut it here)

4) Being a good writer. (Send us a link to your blog if you have one)

5) Having a network of friends across multiple Indian cities

Things you should be comfortable doing:

1) Working with Kids!

2) Talking to and befriending complete strangers

3) Negotiating

4) Talking your way out of situations and more importantly into situations.

5) Public Speaking

6) Preparing proposals and presentations


Nayi Disha Studios

(Category: Education)
We make learning fun!We make learning fun for primary school children by employing natural user interfaces, rich 3D visuals and by weaving stories around the syllabus.
Founded: June 2012
Funding: $300,000