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CFO at Krishi Star


Date Posted14 Jan 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply28 Feb 14


About Krishi Star
Our vision is to end poverty for the nearly 200 million small farmers here in India. We believe in two fundamental tenets:

(1) Give farmers ownership of a larger part of the food value chain:
Currently, most small farmers are trapped in an economic environment in which they are small producers in commodity markets. As a result, they have unstable and low incomes. By giving them greater ownership of the value chain we can greatly stabilize and increase their incomes
(2) Give farmers access to higher margin markets:
In order to create a sustainable solution to poverty, we engage farmers in industries in which they can be competitive long-term. 

How we do it
We create an investment vehicle which co-invests with farmers to launch food processing units. These units will be completely owned by farmers and through the sales of processed foods, we will greatly increase and stabilise their incomes.
We work with farmer owned entities such as producer companies and jointly invest in food processing units at the farm-gate. With a relevant investment plan, we enable farmers completely own the processing units over a three-seven year period. Our pilots have been successful in demonstrating that we can increase and stabilise incomes of tomato farmers by over 300%.

Role Overview
This role focuses on the financial management of a network of farm-gate based processing and production capabilities clustered in the South-Gujarat, Western Maharashtra area, which is being set-up by Krishi Star into what will be its Phase-I of enabling farmer ownership of the food value chain that it has envisioned. The CFO ensures that the processing cluster has complete responsibility on finances of the businesses including fund-raising, financial planning and control. The CFO will build and leads teams of functional managers in running the day-to-day operations as well as the cultivation and accountability of the vision of the organisation. The CFO serves on the leadership team of Krishi Star to support networking, playing a key role in forming and implementing the organisation’s strategy.

* The primary responsibility of the CFO is to offer complete responsibility over the financial planning, fund-raising and human resource management for Krishi Star's backward linkages and development work within the host community. 
* The CFO will perform a variety of tasks necessary to support the building the investment vehicle, carry out financial planning necessary to launch these processing units and enable transition of investor equity to farmer equity.
* These tasks will include plenty of travel and daily interaction with various stakeholders (funding agencies, banks, investors, partners, etc.)

Specific Duties
* Carry out all fund-raising and financial planning required for launch of the food processing units
* Build costing systems, pricing policies, financial models, projections, budgets, manage cash flows, expenses, revenues
* Work as a team member with dedication and with high responsibility
* Liaise with banks, investors, partners, govt. agencies, for fund-raising, negotiations and follow ups
* General support of all project related activities including planning, production, costing, pricing and administration


* Communication - Must have strong communication skills, both written and verbal, and be able to communicate to multiple audiences
* Leadership – Must continuously develop leadership abilities and experience 
* Customer service - Must have a strong customer service orientation 
* Organisation - Must have the ability to handle multiple tasks and priorities simultaneously 
* Interpersonal - Must have strong interpersonal skills and be able to communicate (naturally) an interest in the community, suppliers, stakeholders, colleagues, workers, farmers, etc.
* Flexibility - Must be very flexible and be able to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Must have a high tolerance for ambiguity and changing situations 
* Administration - Must have strong administrative skills 
* Technology - Must have strong computer skills (MS Office Suite, collaboration suites, etc.) and an interest in using technology to facilitate job success. 
* Finance - Must be comfortable in churning budgets, financial models by the hour    

Judgment, Decision-Making, and Supervision
* You are expected to act independently with minimal supervision
* You must exercise sound judgment in his/her interactions with all stakeholders and colleagues at all times
* You must exercise judgment in knowing when to bring an issue to the attention of the directors

Working Conditions
* Seven days per week, working independently is the typical schedule for this position
* During peak or transition periods daily/weekly schedule fluctuates
* Work is high paced and goal oriented 
* On a regular basis, you will liaise with banks, angel and venture capital investors, lawyers, govt. bodies, social enterprise incubators, etc.
* Time is spent in the office preparing for fund-raising meetings with the various stakeholders and at the factory with workers, suppliers, dispatch, supervisors, with farmers.
* You are expected to deliver and be able to work in uncanny situations (hitch-hiking in the back of a pick-up truck, for example)

* Zeal for supporting the team in taking forward the vision of the organisation 
* Supporting the quality and effectiveness of processing capabilities and Krishi Star culture
* Representing Krishi Star with integrity, accuracy, and in the spirit of its mission 
* Responding in a timely manner to all questions, issues, problems, needs of any stakeholders and colleagues
* Being wary of the devil in the detail
* Supporting quality of deliverables

* Krishi Star anticipates compensation commensurate to candidate's profile and final configuration of position
* The position is eligible for a fixed/ variable compensation structures with  performance-based salary increases, stock options and bonuses of up to 8%
* This position will be unpaid during the first three months of the on-boarding period

How to apply
Please send in your resume and a covering note with why you think you want to work with us. Send to


Krishi Star

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Social Enterprise - Improve Livelihoods for Small FarmersOur vision is to end poverty for the nearly 200 million small farmers here in India. We believe in two fundamental tenets: (1) Give farmers ownership of a larger part of the food value chain: Currently, most small farmers are trapped in ...
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