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Chief Data Analyst


Date Posted14 Feb 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply31 Mar 14


ou are basically a story teller who has to make data talk, so brush up on you communication skills too besides the numbers. Organizing data and condensing it in a discernible format would be essential part of the job to help Patch make strategic decisions. At the same time, you need to be able to see the human beings behind the numbers and derive their behaviour from the emerging patterns.

Salary wise, we are offering Rs.12,00,000 annually to start off with. Depending upon your expertise and experience, we would we willing to offer more. We are based in Jaipur.



  • Solid foundation in
    1. Mathematics
    2. Statistics & probability
    3. Computing
  • Have an exceptional aptitude for solving problems
  • Communication skills should be excellent which means you should be able to narrate the story of numbers to your team members and not keep it to yourself
  • Degree in any data intensive field as - 
    Engineering/ Computer science/Applied mathematics/ Physics/ Statistics/ Econometrics/ Conceptual modelling/ Machine learning/Biostatistics (Or any other statistical or mathematical field)
  • Quality of previous work/project matters
    1. Either 2+ yr Experience as a data analyst / in data mining, or
    2. Project pursued at University level which you can demonstrate


  • Expert knowledge of at least one analysis tool
  • Knowledge of any of these 
    Predictive models/ Time series/ Cohort Analysis/ Clustering/ Survival Analysis/ Multivariate Analysis/ Market sizing
  • Basic coding skills, to make communication smoother with the development team
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