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Citizenship Coach


Date Posted11 Mar 14
CategoryHuman Resources
Job TypePart Time
Last Date to Apply20 Mar 14


About Haiyya
Haiyya is a platform that enables citizens to become leaders who build collective power to create positive change on issues that impact their neighbourhoods. Haiyya provides training, information, and toolkits to build non-partisan teams across ages who take ownership over creating behavioral and policy change. Haiyya has tested our model of short-term actions and long-term teams in the classroom and in the field, working with citizens who take ownership for a more just, equal, and united India.
We envision problems in India being solved by a participatory democracy where citizens use their collective leadership and agency to enable good governance and civic morality. Haiyya fulfills this vision through two strategic focuses:
•    ORGANIZING: Running campaigns in neighborhoods in Delhi and Mumbai focused on improving sanitation and public safety and building citizen relationships with local government.
•    EDUCATING: Building leadership capacity in young citizens to be able to work with others to create positive change in society.

Haiyya is led by Deepti Doshi, a social entrepreneur whose experience in leadership and social change spans across management consulting, executive coaching, social investing, and launching an education venture for low-cost private schools in India. She studied management at Wharton Business School and completed her Master’s in Public Administration at Harvard Kennedy School where she focused on community organizing and civic participation.

About Citizenship Education
Haiyya’s programming on Citizenship Education is within our strategic focus of Educating. Currently, civics and citizenship education in India is highly under-prioritized, making up only one hour of school curriculum per week, and focusing on rote learning and static institutions. We believe that civics and citizenship education is a dynamic subject that should focus on participation and active classroom engagement and should building behaviours for India’s future democratic citizens. Through our Citizenship Education programming, we aim to develop 5 Key Competencies in all our Leaders:  Communication & Storytelling, building personal Relationships based on commitment to work together on common interests, designing dynamic Structures and teams to enable people to work together, creating Strategy by building a plan from start to finish, and implementing that plan into measurable Action. This was developed based on a model of community organizing developed by Marshall Ganz at the Harvard Kennedy School. These will be inculcated through classroom-based Student Governments to imbibe a democratic and values based education, and Action-Based Citizenship Projects in the community to give students real-world experience in democracy.

As the boots-on-the-ground of Haiyya’s new Childhood Citizenship Education project, you will be responsible for implementing the Citizenship Education curriculum across schools in Mumbai.  You will undergo extensive training on classroom management as a volunteer teacher and will be educated and mentored through the curriculum and the process to enable you to foster a stronger democracy inside and outside the classroom. To hit our goals to revamp and democratize citizenship education in India, you will:
•    Implement Haiyya’s citizenship education curriculum in the classroom and support all students in completing the semester-long course.
•    Enable students by overseeing class-led action-based projects and democratic self-governance structures within the classroom.
•    Interact with teachers and parents of your students on programme and progress.
•    Think creatively about reshaping citizenship curriculum in India based on global best practices and national learnings.
•    Ensure commitment to long-term goals and values to restructure and democratize Indian education around citizenship, rights, and civic sense.
This position is an opportunity to receive extensive training and simultaneously lead, build, implement, and iterate on an education campaign with real-world impact.


•    A commitment to the development of others: You believe that we all do better when we all do better, and that a rising tide lifts all boats. Seeing someone else grow into themselves personally and professionally sends a shiver down your spine.
•    A passion for education: You know the challenges in the Indian system of education and civic society, you have new ideas for how to address these in the classroom, and you’re committed to children being active stakeholders in this process.
•    Desire to learn: If you think you have all the answers, you just haven’t thought hard enough. As an organization we want to be constantly learning, iterating, and making ourselves better.
•    Cultural competency: Fluency in both Hindi and English is strongly preferred, as is residence in or previous work in India – particularly in the field of education.

Compensation and Location:
This is a volunteer position, currently available in Mumbai. The professional development and learning in this role will be something Haiyya is personally invested in, and this individual will also be evaluated by and held highly accountable to the goals that he/she helps set at the outset. This position reports to the Citizenship Educator.



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Haiyya is a mission-based apolitical organization that promotes leadership and community building as a means to foster civic engagement across neighbourhoods in urban India. Haiyya believes in the neighbourhood as the unit of change to counter poor governance and provides platforms for training an...
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