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Community Rockstar | Social Ninja | Marketing Lead | Content King


Date Posted24 Jun 14
LocationBangalore - Karnataka
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply31 Jul 14


What is It is a social media marketing tool for marketplace sellers (currently focused on Etsy marketplace). I have decent traction and a few paying customers. Most of its market is outside India, so its an all online business.

Now, I am looking for someone who understands (online) community management, understands basics of inbound marketing, can handle social media, and who can may be write. 

I realize this is a HUGE ask, but lets break it down: 

- If you know basics of all the things above and are willing to learn, I am interested in talking to you

- I will be there every step of the way to help out and discuss with you

- I can assure great learning, awesome work environment and ok ok compensation (yep you read it right, bootstrapped entrepreneur)

- We are startup friendly startup, which means, later on if you wish to move on or want to start your own, I will be more than happy to help 

- If you want to know what early stage startups goes through on a regular basis, this is THE place to be, we are breaking things (features on website), shipping code daily and living on sine wave (not sure what this means? Contact me :) ) 

- I believe in taking risks and running experiments, so if you come up with ridiculous ideas (on face of them), I am always ready to test them

- Data is the only truth that we live by, or I should say we try to live by, no opinion (mine or anyone else’s) is bigger than what data says

- This is core team role: Just to make it clear, I do not see this role as a part time role or temporary role, I see this as integral part of my startup CORE team and intend to keep it that way 

- I do offer stock options but not before good 6 months into the role (I like to be honest from beginning) and I will not promise you anything that I can’t deliver

If you like to work with artists, crafters, online sellers, merchants, and like to see them succeed, this is a place where you can learn a lot and enjoy at the same time. 

Feel free to share it with anyone who you think could be a good fit. 

Position based in Bangalore and can’t be virtual, not atleast for first 3 months. 


Basic understanding of  (online) community management, basics of inbound marketing, can handle social media, and who can may be write.


(Category: Social Networking)
Social media marketing tool for SMB' is a social media marketing tool for SMB's and individual entrepreneurs. We curate awesome content and make it really easy to share on your social networks.
Founded: Sept 2013
Funding: No Funding Info Yet.