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Customer Experience Specialist


Date Posted04 May 14
LocationNew Delhi India
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply09 May 14


Telling you about the venture first, SkillWill is an attempt to solve the nation’s problem of making the demographic dividend count, and for you to find more meaning in life, by doing what you can do best.

And we do like to keep our commitments and deliver what we promise. While our current team is capable of serving the existing users of SkillWill, it’s a little too stretched to reach out far and wide, to even more students who could benefit from SkillWill. For which, we need you to join hands. And you have an enormous responsibility at hand. Educate people, sell them a product and help them understand what they have just gained.

This involves chatting with the users, day in and day out, extract their deepest pain points, understand their psyche and solve their problems, keeping them at ease. So it's customer support + entrepreneurship + sales (you'll be selling them things, too) + market research (where do you think all your insights would go - ya that's right, improve the product and/or marketing messages). You got to be an out-of-the-world person to be able to do that.

It's a fantastic opportunity for an awesome person to contribute to solving the problem of employability, while learning and gaining a lot, in the company of individuals, who have defied all norms and are entrepreneurial in whatever it is that they do. An excellent office space in PVR Priya complex, a brilliant 16 MBPS wi-fi and unlimited food and beverages are what you can look forward to, at the least. Come, join the fun!

To tell you more about SkillWill, it is a platform for students to assess themselves, find their employability across 50+ different job profiles, and get recommendations for jobs and trainings in each of these profiles. SkillWill was borne out of the question “What’s the best career option for me? What should I really do?”. We built the solution to that, for 5 engineering disciplines and 3 MBA trades, the popular ones. Developing on that further, we have started to answer the questions “Where does the job, that’s right for me, exist” and “What can I do to be employable for the job”. Naturally, the results of the assessment tell you “Why should they hire you” and “Why would you want to join the company”.


We are open to working full-time, part-time (as interns) or on project basis. Working with good people, is all that we are looking forward to. And as I have said above, it’s up to you to negotiate for “what you’re worth”.

In a customer centric role, I'd naturally expect you to be warm, outgoing and helpful to people around you. In case you're technology savvy and can understand how numbers work, you're at an advantage! 



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SkillWill is a self assessment platform for students to evaluate their employabilitySkillWill is a comprehensive self assessment tool, built for students to assess their employability and conduct skill gap analysis. It uniquely compares the company requirements and a person's skill proficiency in st...
Founded: December 2012
Funding: No Funding Info Yet.