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Founding member


Date Posted06 Dec 13
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply15 Dec 13


We are looking for an awesome person with experience in PHP/Ajax/JQuery as a founding member. 

Professional Experience is no criteria at all, after all even facebook was built by a person with no professional experience. Remember, 

Contact us only if you want to live a life around problem solving products.  

Contact us only if you are ready to accept our garage office as your work place.

Contact us only if you don’t believe in short term achievements and want long term bigger gains.

Contact us only if you like working on your terms and not being dictated by other.

 Place : Ahmedabad

You can join for Monetary or Non-Monetary compensation.

If you want to join on monetary compensation, we will compensation much better than your current company, however, only and only satisfy the above criteria.     

We shall be happpier meeting 1 person who believes in the above philosophy than meeting 100’s who don’t. 



Funding: No Funding Info Yet.