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Full Stack Web Developer


Date Posted02 Apr 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply07 Apr 14


TECH R LABS is looking for a full stack developer who is extremely proficient in building bleeding-edge web and mobile applications from ground-up.Working alongside an early stage team, the ideal candidate should have solid experience in a variety of projects, loves to code and keeps themselves updated with the latest trends in software development.


1. You must be able to embrace a fast-paced, start-up culture to develop bleeding-edge products.

2. Draw clear and polished wire-frames from inputs provided during project meetings.

3. Design, develop and test new software that places a heavy emphasis on a clean UI and engaging UX.

4. Optimise and de-bug designs for usability and cross-browser/device/server compatibility.

5. Work within the framework of a project management software like Basecamp to set-up project priorities, milestones and deadlines interacting with other members of the team.

6. Be eager to update and tutor yourself with un-familiar or newer resources, frameworks or libraries.

7. Participate in daily stand-ups, design review sessions and product demos with work teams, project leaders and international clients.



1. Expert level proficiency with HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript.

2. Multiple project experience with jQuery and Angular.js frameworks.

3. Multiple project experience with Joomla & Magento CMS.

4. Multiple project experience with PHP5.

5. Familiarity with MYSQL or other SQL databases

6. Familiarity with MongoDB or CouchDB or other NoSQL databases.

7. Familiarity with Ruby on Rails.

8. Multiple project experience with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Edge tools for responsive design.

9. Good english communication skills, both written and verbal.

10. Prior exposure to mobile app development and API’s.

11. Minimum experience of 5 projects on your cv with at least 2 of them being published and live.


1. Number, variety and quality of completed projects.

2. Project experience with SQL and NoSQL DB.

3. Project experience with Ruby on Rails.

4. Project experience with node.js.

5. Experience working in a AGILE development framework.

6. Project experience in mobile applications and API’s.

7. Experience with unit testing tools such as NUnit.

8. Project experience with MapReduce and Hadoop.

10. Level of proficiency with CMS like Drupal, Joomla and Magento.

11. Experience setting up and maintaining web-based metrics dashboards.

12. Github activity and participation in Hackathons.



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We build intelligent products and business platforms.TECH R LABS is a start-up focussed on disrupting traditional business platforms with new-age technology built on clever design and code. We are building a founding team of the smartest young coders, designers and marketers who will rise above conv...
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