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IoT Full Stack Software Engineer


Date Posted14 Jul 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply21 Jul 14


IoT Full Stack Software Engineer

Location: Bangalore

If interested please send your LinkedIn profile, resume and a short bio to

Company background

Petasense is an early stage, funded Industrial Internet-of-Things startup. We make cloud-connected wireless sensors and provide a cloud and mobile software platform that helps the manufacturing industry to monitor and optimize the use of their assets. Our vision is to connect everything in the manufacturing world to the Internet.

The number of connected devices is exploding from 5 billion today to more than 40 billion by 2020. A large part of this connectivity will happen in the industrial world. Today’s technologies only allow the most expensive machinery to be monitored and optimized. Petasense is disrupting and democratizing this multi-billion dollar market.

Our team consists of people who have extensive experience building enterprise startups along with alums of blue chip companies like General Motors, Bosch, Cisco, Nokia, Deloitte and Citrix. The founding team consists of BITS Pilani, IIT, MIT and IIM alums.

About the job

We are looking for a full stack software engineer who is passionate about IoT and startups. You will have the opportunity to be part of an early startup team (first 10 employees) and will play a critical role in laying the technology foundation for the startup. You will also get to work on bleeding edge technology such as Flask, Angular, Celery, Cassandra, Bootstrap, JavaScript, D3, iOS and Android. In addition you will get exposure to IoT building blocks such as low power WiFi, Bluetooth LE and other advanced technologies. Compensation will be a combination of cash and handsome equity.

You are expected to design and develop cloud, web and mobile software. This platform should be designed for scaling to thousands of customers, handling large amounts of data, analyzing the data and making it available to end users in a simple and intuitive manner.

While you will focus on full stack software development for our current and future product releases, you are also expected to juggle your time to develop rapid prototypes for new features and technologies. You should have the passion and knack to look at a product in it’s entirety, including the hardware and the embedded software.


Job requirements

* BS in Computer Science or equivalent. Alternate proof of solid CS fundamentals acceptable.

* 1-3 year experience in cloud, web and/or mobile software development

* Strong experience with cloud technologies such as Flask, Python, MySQL, Apache/Nginx

* Worked on JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Backbone or similar

* Solid HTML5, CSS skills along with familiarity of 960gs and Bootstrap

* Experience in developing mobile apps either on iOS or Android

* Comfortable with working in Unix/Linux, AWS, Azure and similar cloud technologies

* Comfortable with team based tools such as Bitbucket, Git, Asana, Bugzilla


* Have worked in a startup

* Designed interactive, SVG charts using D3 or similar technology

* Mathematical inclination and familiarity with statistics

* Experience with NoSQL technologies (Cassandra, MongoDB) is a plus

* Contributed to the open source community e.g. github

* Hacked on hardware projects related to Internet of Things

If interested please send your LinkedIn profile, resume and a short bio to



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Simplifying the Industrial InternetPetasense makes ready-to-deploy, intelligent, wireless sensors that connect to the cloud, helping businesses increase operational efficiency.
Founded: Jan 2014
Funding: No Funding Info Yet.