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Mobile Developer - 1


Date Posted14 Feb 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply31 Mar 14


We're looking for two developers to work on the Android platform to start off with. You'll publish apps and interact with graphics, analytics and psychology team at Patch.

Salary wise, we are offering Rs.5 to 7,50,000 annually to start off with. Depending upon your expertise and experience, we are willing to offer equity options.



  • Computer Science or a related degree
  • Have an aptitude for solving problems
  • Has been through a couple of software development cycles
  • Has the programming experience required for apps


  • Programming background with working knowledge of Java and app development technologies
  • Awareness of backend technologies involved with mobile apps
  • Familiarity with Google's guidelines of app development would be preferable
  • Aware of the SDK for Android
Perks and more:



(Category: Mobile/Apps)
Create consumer orientated appsPatch is looking to change the way mobile advertising is done. One question that we want to answer with regards to customer behavior is-'What is the next action customer would take and how can we help him/her?' We provide user digital means of interacting in an impr...
Founded: Oct 2012
Funding: No Funding Info Yet.