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Operation Manager


Date Posted04 Dec 13
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply15 Dec 13


Managers who work in operations are in charge of the implementation of business measures, new guideline or strategies.

Work jointly with other department heads especially senior business managers.

Work to improve the working environment and business processes of a company.

Strengthen client relationships and ensure the successful continuance of business operations.

Provide feedback, training, and other team development exercises.

In customer service, ensure that the staff members they recruit are quality and customer oriented.

Work hard to ensure client satisfaction and consistent growth in revenue.

Conduct office management tasks

Ensure safety regulations are adhered to

Implement measure to provide motivation for employees

Oversee customer service departments and assess that they are meeting customer satisfaction goals

Prepare, revise and submit reports, budgets and other documentation

Dialogue with clientele about customer service issues or queries

Communicate information to the departments filtered for management

Perform training sessions

Implement quality management and regulatory compliance strategies

Review customer reviews and customer related statistics


• Strong organisational skills

• Be able to multitask

• Be able to use computer applications effectively

• Have prior experience in operational management

• Efficiently communicate both verbally and in written form

• Have comprehensive knowledge of quality assurance principles, methods, design, testing and implementation

• Have leadership and supervisory skills

• Have interpersonal skills

• Be able to work with teams

• Be able to coordinate with other departments

• Excellent project, planning, change and time management capabilities

• Be cordial and professional

• Be innovative

• Have good judgement and decision making skills



You must have both a qualifying degree and a successful working experience in operational management. The bachelors or masters degree should be in operational management or other business related area.


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