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Operations Manager


Date Posted25 Apr 14
CategoryPublic Relations
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply30 May 14


 Focusing on growing and developing existing clients, together with generating new business
· Maintaining an excellent relationship with all partners with cross/up sell skills
· Play an integral role in effective on-boarding of clients - manage people, process, partners etc.
· Ability to understand and implement process efficiencies and measurement benchmarks
· Ability to manage volataile teams and ensure success at the project
· Proactively assesses, clarifies and validates customer needs on an ongoing basis.
· Evaluate, designs, executes, measures, monitors and controls business processes in the sphere of influence
· Travel is a must within the city to meet up with clients face to face


1. Excellent communication and people skills
2. Working with team
3. Fluency in English,Hindi and Kannada


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