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Ruby ~ Python developer @ Pykih Data Viz.


Date Posted18 Feb 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply31 Mar 14


We are a 2.5 year old, growing, data analytics and visualization firm. We have steady clients in six countries. We operate in the middle of multiple disciplines i.e. statistics, data, design and web and hence do extremely complex work. We study large data sets and based on the properties of the data, design custom charts and graphs that help managers take faster decisions. Check out our work at


Anything and everything that makes focus and do your job better. This includes:

  • Over 20% of your time goes in learning
  • Free food
  • Office boy to run around to complete your errands
  • Time off to visit and represent suitable conferences 
  • A place to bunk for the night in case you are working late
  • A culture that promotes quickly experimenting, failing and learning versus get it right the first time



We are currently essentially a Ruby based company that is slowly migrating towards becoming a Python based company. Hence, the job title is Ruby ~ Python. Hence, any developer who knows {Ruby, Python, Ruby/Python} is welcome. We hire for attitude and aptitude and if you basics of computer science are right, then we can pull you up.

As a data engineer you will be:

  • Developing web-based dashboards in Rails / Django
  • Writing basic statistical programs in R / Python
  • Writing basic NLP programs in Python
  • Learning how to do OLAP data modelling in Pentaho
  • Writing extremely complicated SQL queries


Pykih Data Viz.

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We are 2.5 year old, award winning, data analytics and visualization firm.
Founded: Sep 2011
Funding: No Funding Info Yet.