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Senior Developer


Date Posted13 Dec 13
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply22 Dec 13


We're looking for a dynamic developer who can grow with us in a fast paced environment.

We use Laravel-4, JavaScript, Nginx, Ratchet, Percona MySQL, Python, and anything else that best solves the problem at hand. We use the best technology which helps us get job done most efficiently and quickly. We believe that our sole aim should be to provide the best possible platform to the user using any technology. We expect that you’ll be able to learn whatever languages and frameworks we throw at you (or you throw at us!).


  • Some familarity with the stack mentioned above. It would be really great if you have worked with some MVC frameworks before.
  • Be Passionate about web technologies
  • Be updated with the latest in web development
  • Have an ability to tackle difficult web engineering problems
  • Have some design sense
  • An ever-lasting hunger for learning new things. 


Function Space

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Founded: April 2013
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