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Technical Head (Mobile & Web)


Date Posted10 Jan 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply18 Jan 14


We are looking for a Tech Head who will be responsible for the successful creation and delivery of the company's product to the marketplace by managing technical risks and opportunities; making key software design and implementation decisions with the development teams, scheduling of tasks including tracking dependencies, managing change requests, and guaranteeing quality of deliveries and educating the team on technical best practices.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Defines the technological strategy with the development team of each project: pipeline, tools, and key development procedures.
  • Assesses technical risk and mitigation plan.
  • Establishes standards and procedures to track and measure project's progression.
  • Evaluates development team(s), identifying strengths, problem areas, and developing plans for improving performance.
  • Evaluates interview candidates for technical positions.
  • Scouts for and evaluates new technology and tools as opportunities for innovation and development excellence.
  • Pre-production Oversees technical design documentation process for correctness and timeliness.
  • Provides input to the other disciplines on the practicality of initial design goals and impact to the overall project timeline.
  • Evaluates software implementation on design and task thoroughness
  • Helps to identify high risk areas for the Project Director.
  • Identifies weak software systems that need code improvement and schedules corrective action, when possible.
  • Creates automated test process for system features, where possible, and contributes to the build system.
  • Aids in all stages of post-production including during finalizing

To operate effectively, a company needs a number of different managers with various skill sets. Human resources managers, for instance, administer a wide range of personnel programs. An organization's line managers are responsible for planning, decision making, setting targets and generating revenue. Technical managers are another class of manager, and they're frequently seen in software development organizations. However, any technologically complex process in an organization, such as manufacturing or even accounting, can make good use of a technical manager.

Typically, technical managers lead technological development activities. Technical managers tend to possess a high degree of expertise in a given technical area, such as software development or electronics manufacturing. Technical managers themselves aren't expected to sit down and write software code, for instance, but they must be able to lead a team developing that code. Broadly, technical managers fill both managerial and technical expert roles.


No Minimum Eligibility


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