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Web Developer Required for Live Music Startup in India


Date Posted17 Feb 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply30 Apr 14


Have you ever thought of working in a field that is not work but play? Do you want to bring the needed change in an industry that you are extremely passionate about? Well that’s exactly what we are doing. We are called Musejam and we believe we will create a dent in the live music industry of India. Sounds too far fetched, well maybe it is but we truly believe in our goal after relentlessly working on building it. 
Musejam is an online platform that will connect the Indian live music community by consolidating their information (from FB, Soundcloud, Youtube and other local sources), tag/organize them to relevant profiles and display it in a fun,intuitive way for people to easily discover and keep a track of the scene. 

Current Product Demo -

Current Product - (this will completely change in a month)

Version 2 - (only UX/UI) (Launching in a month)

One main our competitive advantage is our product which is using the appropriate technologies to build features that will bring strong business opportunities. 

PHP 5.5 Laravel 4, Elastic search, Custom API system, Angular.js, Nginx, Amazon (S3, SES) and Linode (hosting), Sound manager (player), Zurb Foundation

Our platform focuses on mapping out the complex relationships between entities, individuals and content and we have used Php’s Laravel 4 Eloquent ORM to make this happen really efficiently. In fact our lead developer and co-founder Kapil has build an additional package called Reposted to bring even greater flexibility to relationship management (core functionality). Using this we have build a custom API system to interact with the data in however we please. 

For the frontend, we are using angular.js that will really add to the user experience. Plus we are using elastic search to get control over the displaying logic for the feed, search and other areas.

We are currently building an aggregator to collect information from various API's and automatically organize them according to our system tags. This will help us scale the platform quickly. 

We have a very strong technical team and if you get chosen, your learning will skyrocket!!


    We are looking for people who can assist our core developers in adding new features, revamping of our admin panel and help build the CMS (Control Panel) for Industry People. There is a lot of exciting stuff to be built in and around our core platform. 

    If you think you can handle working with advance Laravel, angular.js and a fun exciting start-up that will seriously disrupt live music, apply now by emailing me at  

    Currently we need a web designer developer who can help us with html/css and js changes and make the app smooth. If the current job is done well, we have control panel (cms for the industry people) and the mobile app to be designed. 


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    Building Online Networks and Marketplace Businesses Engage Entertainment Pvt. Limited is building it's first product called Musejam. Musejam is an online network that connects the Indian live music community by consolidating their information (from FB, Soundcloud, Youtube and other local sources...
    Founded: April 2012
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