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Web / Mobile Developer


Date Posted13 Jan 14
Job TypeFull Time
Last Date to Apply31 Jan 14


Lets see...

- You are a Mobile / Web developer who loves to tinker with new tech

- Building technology products is your calling and canvas

- You believe in the power of mobile platforms to change our lives; have a larger worldview than just the latest bollywood potboiler

Lets chat up.. at the least, we promise that we will get you excited ..

We are a mobile / web platform that is seeking to disrupt the way brands, establishments, banks and service providers interact with the consumer and vice-versa. We have a few marquee brands onboard and are tying up with partners to expand our client roaster. Check our pithy website to get the drift...

What is on the technology menu you say? Well... lets take a sampling..

- Android, iOS native as well as cross platform development

- Scalable and secure transactional server tech that gets max juice from web frameworks

- Simple intuitive UX and responsive design

- Multi-platform public API development

- Potentially, down the road - Image processing, ML & Hardware design/dev.

.. and this is just the begining.

Why should I leave my cushy job?

Aren't you looking out? Why would be here otherwise... If your primary motivation is work, we want you.. reach out to us and we will convince you (if the above hasn't yet changed your mind). Compensation will involve salary and equity components. We are an early stage pre-funded startup, so joining us in our journey early on has big potential benefits in many ways.

Come join us in our journey and help shape the vision of this endeavor.


Javascript / HTML5 / Web2.0 / Django / Android / iOS Development


Findulum Techlabs Pvt Ltd

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Funding: No Funding Info Yet.